A Sniper CMS (content management system) not only gives you an attractive and unique website design, but allows you to quickly and easily update your website yourself.

A Sniper CMS system gives you full control of your site with just a few mouseclicks and keystrokes. It's so simple even a beginner can do it - you don't need any specialist knowledge or have to pay an IT specialist to keep your site updated.

With a CMS system all the hard work is done for you – you don’t have to constantly contact your web developer when you want to make changes to your website, making this an extremely cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Editing your website is easy: Add new pages by just choosing one of the customised templates, edit text in software similar to Microsoft Word, and update pictures without difficulty.

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Sniper uses the Umbraco Content Management System, an open-source CMS based on Microsoft's ASP.NET which supports complex templating and allows custom development within the site. We can add custom modules to your website, such as Flash animation, rotating images and banner ads, remotely fetched news articles (xml feeds) or secure member only areas which require a login to access the page.