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Sniper Systems: For excellence in website and software development

Established in 2003, we are an Auckland-based website and software-development company.

Our Customers

We work with mainly SMEs and have clients in New Zealand, Australia and the UK - businesses requiring content managed websites or the development of CRM, quoting, job management, booking or custom business systems.

Some History

The owner, Gareth Evans, started Sniper Systems in 2003, growing the business from a part-time to full-time company. He had a genuine desire to provide a better service than many other companies were offering. As a consultant Gareth had seen too many examples of where, he felt, businesses were receiving a far from ideal service.

Gareth wanted to do things differently; to build a sustainable business based on ethical practices and long-term relationships.

It's this desire to do better that still drives us today. We take pride in providing an excellent service and making the right recommendations to clients - and we have the experience to back our recommendations up.

A bit about Gareth

Gareth has a Bachelor of Computing Systems; though, he'll say that it was as an IT consultant that he really learnt his trade.

Gareth has been a consultant to many large businesses across many industries, including working on a business system that tracked and reported on parking meters throughout the country as well as a call centre system for Victoria Electricity.

"By working with large companies I learnt about scalability - designing systems that are flexible and allow for future growth," says Gareth. "Provision for scalability is very important when designing a website or business system."

Umbraco websites

We focus on the implementation of Umbraco websites. Umbraco is an open-source content management system with the flexibility to create websites that are both simple and complex. When you have an Umbraco site, there are no compromises - you don't have to work within the confines of a template and you can have as many functions as you need.

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