Having a fully-functional bespoke website is easy

Do you need a website? Or do you already have one that just isn't getting results? These days, most consumers research products and services online before making a purchase. Unfortunately, though, just having a website isn't enough to get them to do business with you.

Your website must:

  • attract Internet traffic
  • support your brand
  • engage visitors when they arrive
  • get a commitment (make a purchase or contact you).

A complete web service

We offer a complete web service. If you wish, we'll organise all the essential elements that a fully-functional website needs, such as website development, website design, photography, copywriting, graphic design and SEO.


We also host all the websites we build on our own platforms in a secure co-location facility - we own our hardware and don't re-sell someone else's service claiming it as our own.

Website packages

We offer a range of website packages: Start Up, Business Basic and Business Advanced. However, if these packages don't suit your needs, please drop us a line to discuss your particular requirements.

Content managed (CMS) websites

It's surprising just how many businesses are unable to update the content on their websites - they have to pay their developer every time they need to add another page.

This is not good. For your website to be 'credible' to search engines, like Google, it must be updated regularly with fresh content. With our CMS sites, you can update content easily and as often as you like.

Bespoke websites

Unless you request otherwise, we don't build template sites (even when we do, the same template is never used twice). What does this mean for you? Well, your website is truly unique and your images and branding will never be compromised by having to squeeze within the parameters of a template. You can have any functions you need - there are no limits.

Our process

When you contact us about a website, we go through the following process:

1: Discuss your requirements

We prefer to meet with you face-to-face, but if that is not possible, we'll talk with you by phone or Skype.

We'll ask questions like:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What do you like about your competitors' websites?

2: Submit a quotation

After our initial meeting, we will then submit a quotation for your consideration.

3: Design brief

Once you have accepted our quotation, we create a two-page design brief based on our discussions with you. From this, our graphic designer will start work on a Photoshop design of your website.

4: Build your website

Once you have approved your website's design, we then build a fully-functional website.

5: Populate your website with copy and images

It is now time to populate your website with copy and images. We can assist you with any last-minute changes or requirements and, to make sure you hit the ground running, we will provide one to two hours training.

Finally, before your website goes live, it will be tested to ensure it looks great on all the main browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9+.

6: Go live

Your shiny new website is now available to the world!

About us

We are passionate about producing beautiful websites to be proud of.

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Having a fully-functional bespoke website is easy.

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